Romain Berger //

Making of Brain Collapse "Shred it til you make it" (free SD2.0 preset)

27 Dec 2014

Gear used on the EP

  • Jackson Soloist SLAT3 7. Standard tuning one step down
  • POD HD Pro
  • Bass: custom Elkine 6 strings bass + Aguilar amp
  • Superior Drummer 2.0 + Metal Foundry + custom kick sample
  • Other: orchestral EWQLSO Gold Library
  • Recorded, mixed and mastered with Ableton Live 8 with some Yamaha HS50M

Toontrack S2.0 Metal Foundry preset

You can download here the drums preset used on the EP. The drums are post-processed with parallele compression and an additionnal kick sample is used. You can hear how it sounds in the track below, the first part is the raw preset output, the second is the post-processed track as used in the EP.


All guitars plugged directly into the POD, just a little impulse and some EQ with Izotope Alloy. Some reverb and delays here and there, nothing more.

Drums are mixed with a parallel compression.

The mastering basically consist in a small compression, some EQ and a limiter. Yeah I suck at mastering.